Energy Efficiency

PLH Utilities understands that strategic procurement is one method of reducing a clients cost of energy supply. However, by working with our clients to reduce usage we can minimise their overall spend. In order to achieve this, the company has partnered with solution providers to offer a range of Energy Solutions in Colchester that can reduce overall consumption and reliance on the national grid.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


  • Guaranteed reduction in your energy costs
  • Improve your environmental impact by lowering your carbon emissions
  • Reduce your exposure to volatile  electricity market prices
  • Increase your resilience against grid supply issues such as blackouts


Demand Side Response


  • Generate income
  • Avoid peak charges
  • Increase your flexibility in a rapidly changing energy market
  • Help secure the energy supply and integrate renewable sources
  • Give you more control over your energy spend


Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)


  • Remotely maintain your BeMS and update software
  • Optimise your operating strategy and conditions
  • Monitor and resolve critical plant alarms
  • Diagnose faults and recommend fixes, reducing call outs


Energy Storage Solutions


  • Reduce grid and peak power charges
  • Optimise your on-site power use
  • Increase self-sufficiency in combination with on-site generation options
  • Reduce your dependance on the grid
  • Increase business resilience and avoid production losses with backup power
  • Create additional revenues by utilising storage solutions in the central market


Solar PV


  • Take Advantage of a commercially attractive solution; your can substitute taking power from the grid with consuming renewable power at a financial benefit, even without relying on the Feed-in-Tarrif
  • The power purchase agreement (PAA) means you can save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint without paying for the installation

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Energy Efficiency

PLH Utilities understands that strategic procurement is one method of reducing a clients cost of energy supply, but by working with our clients to reduce actual consumption we can further minimise their overall spend. Read More

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Energy Efficiency Solutions
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