Green Energy Deals in Essex


Around a third of electricity now comes from renewable sources, but many of business owners now demand their energy comes from 100% renewable generation.  (See the table on the Home page of daily electricity generation).

With more wind power being planned for our coastal areas annually the amount of renewable energy will grow dramatically year on year.

Electricity generation in the UK is becoming less and less dependent of coal, which is being phased out entirely.

Go Green

How green are you? The UK and the World are on a drive to source energy only from renewable sources. We all know that’s the right way to go and switching to green energy is the simplest thing to do but how keen are you to go green?

You may have thought it was more costly– costs have levelled up so is no more expensive. How do I know what’s green? Green power is very specific and only generated from resources with a zero or near-zero carbon footprint, such as solar, wind, and geothermal. There is a growing market for power from true green sources and there are suppliers that specialise in that area of the market, all of which PLH Utilities source from and especially if you value Corporate Social Responsibility credentials (CSR). The UK is moving towards Future Net Zero 2050 where no carbon energy sources are used. Are you aware of how your business can achieve this goal? There are still a large number of businesses who have little or no idea of what they need to do but PLH Utilities are able to help you achieve your Future Net Zero targets.


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To learn more about the government’s Net Zero plans, click here

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Bureau Services

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