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Utility Infrastructure is an especially important and often a stressful part in the build process. Perhaps even the most important part and without it, the building simply does not function. So, it’s important to get it right first time, as getting it wrong could be a very costly exercise.

This is where PLH Utilities working closely with their utility infrastructure partners come in. PLH Utilities are here to take control of all your commercial and residential building utility infrastructure requirements. We provide you with a cost-effective end to end and bespoke service for these projects.


Independent Connection Providers

Working with ICP’s (Independent Connection Providers) and IGT’s (Independent Gas Transporters) and IDNO’s (Independent Distribution Network Operators) to negotiate a safe and cost-effective electricity or gas connection solution.

Our team here at PLH can handle the project from design, application right through to meter / MPAN and the start of the supply.


Multiple Occupancy Buildings

We can determine the requirements for Multiple Occupancy Buildings and tender to BNO’s (Building Network Operators) to install, own, and operate a buildings’ low voltage network (G87).


What We can Do for You

In short, assign us today and we will look after all the utility infrastructure procurement including providing a tender package.

All our expertise will be utilized to provide you with a stress free, cost-effective, seamless end to end utility infrastructure process.

We can also advise on RE (Renewable Energy) Technologies, procurement and tender to the RE providers.

For more information or for us assist with your requirements please call the PLH team on 0800 954 5117 or e mail infrastructure@plhutilities.co.uk




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