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Our Mission

To reduce PLH Utilities energy usage by turning off equipment when not in use. Using electronic means and not printing unnecessarily. Travelling only when necessary. And adopting technologies that makes more efficient use of energy.

To help reduce carbon emissions by encouraging businesses to embrace renewable energy and green technologies.

Engage with business owners to cut down on waste by reducing energy usage through energy saving solutions and technology. And this can be done also by educating themselves and staff members to be more energy conscious.

To reduce excessive food waste therefore reducing the unnecessary use of energy in its production and transportation journey.


Reduce the Effect of Climate Change

PLH are very conscious of the industry we are in and the effect on carbon emissions it may have and we want to do our bit to reduce the effect of climate change. Therefore, we have decided to donate to The Woodland Trust with every contract.

The Woodland Trust help in three ways:

Help to protect ancient woodland, which is rare unique and irreplaceable

They restore damaged ancient woodland, bringing precious pieces of our natural history back to life

Plant native trees and woods with the aim of creating resilient landscapes for people and wildlife.

We know it is just a small attempt to put something back but feel it was what PLH needed to do. So, we propose that for every contract signed through PLH Utilities, we will donate to The Woodland Trust. This means they can plant new trees on our behalf and continue with their incredible work.


Greater Benefits

Energy from renewable sources is now the default supply for PLH Utilities.

Green Energy is playing a larger part of the energy mix and is set to increase over the coming years. We need to drive the use up even more and each business and household need to up their game too.

Businesses should be supporting more green and renewable sources and generators of green energy. We feel it is so especially important that everyone, in whatever industry they are in, make this decision to support the effort to reduce the effects of climate change.


More to Come

PLH are in discussions with businesses that have renewable / green energy credentials to benefit businesses in their quest to reduce their carbon emissions. This will be for the benefit of the business and that of reducing carbon emissions. These will come on stream in due course.

Because we all need to do our bit.




reduce the effect of climate change

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