Utility Broker for Schools and Academies

How do you purchase your schools’ or academies’ energy? Group purchase, switching site or purchase it yourself?

PLH Utilities can offer you a bespoke service that puts your needs at its heart.

We know that keeping your business energy for schools and academies costs down is important and with budgets getting even more squeezed, this is more relevant than it’s ever been.

Get it wrong and it could have a huge effect on your running costs.
That’s why we work hard on your behalf to get you the best possible contracts for your business gas and business electricity.

What’s important to you as well – we do not charge you any fees for our work. We get paid by the supplier so you won’t get any nasty surprises or extras.

We understand the market and have access to all the suppliers – and some that do not deal directly with the client as well. By using our direct supply agreements with all the gas and electricity suppliers, this enables us to achieve the best contracts for our clients.

So, if you do not use a consultant and do it all yourself, perhaps now’s the time to let us do the work for you?

You may only check with 2 or 3 suppliers but we have access to over 46, so why not use our expertise to get you the best contract?

How do we go about it? We find out about your business and how you use your energy. We will talk to your current energy supplier, with your permission. We go to the market with your requirements. Then we organise your new contract, manage your termination dates and from then on, look after renewals and advise the best possible time to renew. For multi sites we can also arrange common start and end dates which helps you to budget.

After all, this is our business and what we’re here for. It’s what we do best.

Put simply – we use our energy to find your energy. PLH Utilities finding the best deal for you.

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