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Business Water Supply

Business Water Supply

Since 2017 UK businesses have been able to source their business water supply and wastewater from other retailers other than the local water supply company.

Many business owners are still unaware of this. As a result, many businesses are not taking advantage of the savings to be had in changing water suppliers.

You can use one company for the water supply and another for wastewater or use just the one for both. Which is what we do. If you have not entered a new contract since 2017 then you are free to shop around for the best deal as and when you want to.

Working with a commercial water retailer PLH can turn on the tap for direct cost savings for your water supply. PLH Utilities can help you find your business water supply and obtain the best deal for your business.

We can handle all the contract and switching processes for you, cutting out all the unnecessary work and continuing to provide you with the best possible service.


Savings to be Had

There are savings to be had and the bigger water user you are, the more the saving offered.

We can offer 1, 2 or 3-year business water supply contracts or for larger users a bespoke option.

If you have multi-sites over several water supply companies PLH can consolidate them into one bill, making life easier for you, the end user.


Will I Get New Pipes?

No, you won’t – Just like gas and electricity, nothing changes at all with your business water supply. You will still get water from the tap – you just get a more competitive bill.


How do I Know I’m Getting a Good Service?

The water retail business is governed by OFWAT and therefore have to follow the ‘Business Customer Code of Practice which you can see here.

Switching your business water supply to a retailer can also lead to better and more consistent customer service.

They have fewer customers to look after and can commit more time to customer’s needs and consumption.

Water retailers have up to date technology and produce more accurate billing which in turn lead to less complaints and disputes.

Head over to the Quotation page and complete the details and start saving now.

Business Water Supply

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