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Why UK businesses should embrace renewable energy

There are many reasons to embrace renewable energy. As we know, switching to renewables is a key step in slowing down climate change and preserving our planet. In addition, the UK government has pledged to reduce carbon emissions by a third in this financial year but UK businesses are the largest consumers of energy, and the government can only achieve its target with their support.

What types of renewable energy are there?

There are several types of renewable energy:

  • Solar
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydroelectric
  • Ocean Energy
  • Geothermal Energy

At the moment, roughly one-third of the UK’s energy comes from renewable sources. However, I believe this figure should be higher – that’s why I always source green energy for my clients if I can.

What are the benefits of using renewable energy?

We all know that we have a duty to reduce our carbon footprints and preserve the Earth’s resources. One of the ways we can do this is to use renewable energy. And because we’re doing the right thing, it will give us peace of mind as well.

As consumers become more aware of green issues, they will take their custom to companies who care. In this way, using renewable energy could give you the edge over those who are less aware.

What changes can businesses make?

Fortunately, there are four things you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of your business:

Because businesses use such a large amount of energy, switching to renewable energy is probably the biggest change you can make towards becoming carbon neutral. For me, green energy is the default mode and I always source it for my clients if I can.

It’s a good idea to audit your energy use. To help you, smart meters and energy bill audits can show you just how much energy you’re using. Equally, it will show you how much of a negative impact you’re having on the planet. Once you have those figures in front of you, it will be easier to set individual targets for your business. And once you start trying to reduce your energy consumption, you’ll even see your bills reduce!

Choosing energy-efficient tech for your workplace will reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bills. For example, you might change your lighting to LEDs or even run your machines more efficiently. This year, logistics company UPS has replaced all its diesel vans with electric ones. This shows key support for the EV market and infrastructure and directly reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

Sometimes we can’t avoid harmful emissions, but these emissions can be offset. For example, many businesses invest in tree planting to offset their carbon emissions, while others donate to green energy companies. I offset PLH Utilities’ emissions by investing in the Woodland Trust who plant new trees, in turn supporting new wildlife.

Switch to renewable energy

Switching to renewable energy is a key step in reducing your carbon footprint, and I work with suppliers of green energy to find the best solutions for UK businesses. To get started, click here 

Some facts and figures about Green Energy from Ofgem 

Why UK businesses should embrace renewable energy

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