We Love our Green Credentials


We want to protect the environment we already have and invest in a greener sustainable future for everyone.

As ever though, rest assured that our main aim is to provide your business with the best possible contract for your energy and water.

We do this by using our expertise and relationships built up with UK suppliers.

PLH Utilities work on your behalf and for your peace of mind to obtain the greatest possible prices.

We offer a bespoke service tailored to your business needs to find you the best possible contracts.


We Give You Back Time

The PLH Utilities Managing Director, Paul Hughes has been in the utilities and commercial energy industry now for many years. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as an impressive portfolio of suppliers.

Lots of businesses do not always have time to talk to energy suppliers and that they will only give you their deals. We guarantee to provide you with the best deals we can source throughout the UK.

PLH Utilities  aid you in navigating the commercial energy market maze and a point to note as well – ‘it’s unregulated’.


Let Us Look After You

Once you become a PLH Utilities client we keep a close eye on the market for you and will advise when the best time to renew your contract.

Our desire is to get your business the best possible price for tomorrow, today – before the price goes up because we do not want you to pay more than you should.

We research how you use your energy and whether there are any energy saving suggestions that we can help you implement. This inevitably will reduce your costs and PLH Utilities are on hand to arrange the work to be carried out as well.

We work in your best interests because without you, there is no PLH Utilities.


Take the Test

Ever pondered just how much carbon your business generates? Take the SECR checklist here to find out. You may be surprised.





Paul Hughes
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