Our Service To You


Access to the whole energy market for Business Energy Comparisons including switching to Green Energy to reduce carbon emissions

We offer you a range of contract terms and you choose which one is best for your business

We will do all the pre-contract work, switching and monitoring over the term of your contract

PLH Utilities advise on the optimal time to renew, saving you time to concentrate on running your business

In Addition

Energy efficiency – Lighting, Insulation and Boiler options are available

Meter Installation Service

End to End Utility Infrastructure

EV (Electric Vehicle) Chargers

Whatever your requirements, PLH Utilities will endeavour to get the best rates for you

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Bureau Services

The Full Power bespoke bill validation service ensures the client is only billed for the energy & water they use, at the rates that have been agreed on the contract. Read More

Houses of Multiple Occupancy

People who invest in property and turning them into HMO’s and SA’s can choose to have their energy supplied with business tariffs. Read More

Business Water Supply

Since 2017 UK businesses have been able to source their business water supply and wastewater from other retailers other than the local water supply company. Read More

Energy Efficiency

Full Power understands that strategic procurement is one method of reducing a clients cost of energy supply, but by working with our clients to reduce actual consumption we can further minimise their overall spend. Read More


full power’s procurement service is fully handled in-house by and experienced broker, qualified in tendering for both SME and Corporate clients. Read More

Siteworks & Compliance

Full Power can help with the sourcing of the innovative metering solutions for your electricity and gas requrements, as well as project managing any new instilations. Read More

Forensic Auditing

Forensic auditing investigates historical electricity, gas and water billing and identifies potential savings that would not be found in any normal invoice validation process. Read More

EV Charging Solutions

More and more leaseholders and tenants want access to affordable and convienient EV charging but. Read More 

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