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Ofgem accused of stalling electric vehicle rollout

The Energy Regulator, Ofgem, has been accused by Scottish Power of stalling the UK’s rollout of electric vehicles. They say its totally disconnected with Britain’s climate policies and plans to reduce greenhouse gases.

Keith Anderson, the chief executive of the “big six” energy company, said businesses in the sector could do more to help the energy industry make the UK a carbon neutral economy. These efforts are being held back by Ofgem and stalling electric vehicle rollout

The Guardian revealed earlier this year that Ofgem was out of touch, sticking to outdated regulations. This is in despite the growing public concern over the climate crisis and new legislation to establish a carbon neutral economy by 2050.

The regulator refused to allow Scottish Power to invest an extra £42m in upgrading its networks in Scotland and the north-west of England. They wanted to prepare for rising demand for electric vehicles chargers.

Ofgem refused Scottish Power’s plan on the grounds it does not offer enough evidence for how much EV charging capacity will be used in future. They did not want customers to foot the bill because the proposal fell short.

Read The Guardian’s report here

Read Ofgem’s response here

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Ofgem accused of stalling electric vehicle rollout

Ofgem accused of stalling electric vehicle rollout



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