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Supply - Business Electricity and Gas Renewals

Business Electricity and Gas Renewals

Do you dread that time when the reminder from your energy provider hits the desk for renewals? Do you cringe at the time you are about to waste speaking to a few energy suppliers for their prices? Or do you just carry on with the same one? Perhaps you head towards an online utility comparison company instead?

Why Use a broker? The experts at PLH can liaise with the suppliers so you don’t have to. We also contact suppliers you might not think to speak too. We can also speak to suppliers you can’t speak too because they only to speak to us.

PLH are here to take away that dread because we do all that work for you. For a few energy suppliers, insert well over 46 – that is how many we can talk too. Some of those never deal with clients direct. Once we are looking after you, that is what we do. We look after you, monitor prices and advise the best time to renew. It will also take away that incessant stream of cold callers as you’ll always be in contract – isn’t that a wonderful thought!

Multi-sites are a speciality. We can organise the contracts to have a common start/end date which also helps you to budget more efficiently throughout your financial year.

You can trust PLH to find your business the best possible contract for your business’s electricity, gas and water. PLH Utilities will also always approach renewable energy suppliers unless you advise otherwise.


How We Are Paid

We apply a simple uplift to the unit price you are offered, which is the same for all energy suppliers, which means we do not favour any one specific supplier, thus maintaining our independence on your behalf.


Bill Validation

With business energy billing is different from what you get for your home and you may not realise you may be paying for something you should not – This is where our Bill Validation service comes in. We can make a quick assessment and if this is the case can then start a process on your behalf to claim back any overpayments for the last 4 years.

Within a commercial contract to supply you with business electricity and gas, the bill is made up of two elements; the unit price and third-party costs (these can also be known as non-energy costs).

We do not have any control over the third-party costs, but we do make sure that what you are paying is correct. Third-party costs make up round 60% of your average bill.


Other services we offer are:

VAT Submissions

Termination Submissions

Market Reports

Previous Debt and VAT Recovery

Meter Management – Working with Project Managers to run monthly or quarterly meter reads

Support with Site Additions and Change of Tenancies

Third Party Intermediary for your Construction needs






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